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Re: General Questions About The Case
« Reply #3165 on: October 14, 2021, 08:11:41 PM »
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If the bailout rig didn't have D-Rings, is there even a way or certified method/technique that exists in the "jumping industry" for attaching a reserve to a bailout rig such that one would expect it to work ?  If yes, then Cooper knew how to do this ?

That's an interesting thought. If he tied it to the harness, it may or may not hold, depending on how well he did it. If he used the thin parachute line to tie it to himself and then deployed it, that would hurt like hell, and possibly be seriously or even fatally injurious.

But no, there's no set 'method' for doing that because it is not a usual practice or necessary.

Thanks Dudeman, I was going to follow up with the question of whether or not you have ever heard of it being done ?  (i.e. tying a reserve to a bailout rig ) But it doesn't really make sense right, why would you do that under any normal situation.

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Re: General Questions About The Case
« Reply #3166 on: October 14, 2021, 09:06:46 PM »
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witness dudeman's story about a round reserve being packed for the 16-year old that jumped with him off the Die Hard building. Not even a rig with a forward glide ratio? and the kid jumps without saying nuthin'!

Actually the chute he used did have some forward drive and steerability. On round mains, the 'drive slots' are a series of squarish holes cut out of the bottom back of the canopy, and a couple of them are longer, reaching higher up the canopy. This allows air to escape out the back, giving the drive and steerability. But they invite the 'partial inversion' malfunction, where part of the canopy skirt blows through them and tries to inflate inside out. Reserves would have a couple of the holes but not the longer slots, reducing but not eliminating that possibility. The four line release pretty much eliminated that malfunction. Then at some point, in a true face-palm 'duh!' moment, someone had the brilliant idea of covering those holes with mesh, allowing air through but not material. That's what the kid was jumping.


Cooper choosing a better chute - If he had the option of a steerable chute, that would help him get into a better landing area and avoid obstacles such as trees or a rocky hillside.


The 'Pursuit' movie stunt - Obviously Carl Boenish is gone. Kevin Donnelly passed away some years ago from cancer. Same with Dean Westgaard many years ago. Ray Cottingham is still around. NickyB contacted him a while back on Facebook, but he didn't have a lot to say. Not familiar with the other two. I don't know this to be fact, but knowing a bit about how such things are done, if they had three cameramen and three other jumpers, they likely had three Cooper's. (At least two.) Two loads times three pairs would give them six jumps to choose edits from. The landing shot is likely a separate thing.

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Re: General Questions About The Case
« Reply #3167 on: October 15, 2021, 03:59:00 AM »
Cooper had no trouble donning an NB rig. That tells me he was no stranger to parachutes. The FBI supplied instructions for using the parachute rigs but Cooper didn’t bother to read them. The very specific flight configuration demands he gave to the pilots tell me he was no stranger to aircraft and airdrops. None of the foregoing proves he ever jumped before but I’ll bet he wore a parachute rig before and had some involvement with airdrops of cargo, personnel or both.

I vividly recall my initial reaction to the T Bar money find. I was certain the case would be solved soon. Little did I know that decades later I would own one of those twenties and the Cooper mystery would be no closer to solution than it was before the find. .

Life in the Vortex. Do you spin in the opposite direction south of the equator? Is there any way out? Asking for a friend.


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