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Re: Suspects And Confessions
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I am not sure exactly how to post a new topic im new here but im hoping you dont mind me putting this here. I hope what I have to say just might interest everyone.
You tell me, I know what I firmly believe as well as what my family believes AND MOST IMPORTANTLY a small town police dectetive found enough credibility in what I had shown him to go ahead an turn it over to the FBI but of course the FBI wont so much as notion the idea unless the parachute or money is brought forth. Well I am going to now put my story out there as well as give some of my opinions in to what I think happened in 1971 an to what just of happened to the money an than social media can decide from here on out. At least I will know that I too told what I kbow an whatever happens from here on out happens knoeing I too tried to get what I know out there. I can say this an that is if by some fluke of a chance the person in question is not Cooper than without any doubt whatsoever this (these) people I'm about to tell you about knows who Cooper is. I believe one way or another these men are the answer in solving just who Cooper really is an the ONLY REASON this case has yet to be solved is because no one has considered other options, they have not been thinking outside the box an opening their minds a bit on circumstances such as the AGE of DB Cooper, his OCCUPATION an more.  This is my story, my thoughts an opinions. Could it be I do know who Cooper really is an he's not in anyways deceased but alive an living in a quaint little town up in Skagit County, WA. Here is my story. It was about 9 years ago when my husband came home one evening an asked if we had enough room for two more for dinner. Sure I tell him. I'm not going to give you any real names here so we will call the man to be Cooper Dan. Ok back to it, my husband introduced me to these nice two much older men he says to me Tamy this is Dan an this is Jesse an I happened to meet them this afternoon an they offered me a job going gold mining with them. I kind of laughed an said ah ok so now your going to strike it rich gold mining are ya (little did I know my husband just might have brought home another type of gold thay evening) My husband explained to me that they have been gold miners for the past fifty plus years that they are not some men just out goofing around etc an that he was going to be joining them on their next expedition along the skagit river. And that is how Dan an Jesse had become to be in our lives. For the next year my family an I got to know these two men very well, they had spent allot of time with us having dinners drinks etc oh  an the drink of choice by both men nonetheless BOURBON an SODA an as Dan always liked to say to me when I would make his drinks "No funny stuff now Tamy, make it strong" as he lite up his Canadian brand cigarette. Dan an Jesse did not have any other job beside the gold mining yet they always had money. They were by no means well off an live a very humbolt if not more on the poor side of life out in their small farm home in the country. Dan an Jesse liked to talk an talk ALLOT , seemed "back in the day" they spent a great deal of time in mexico, Canada an California. They have family in Alaska and Canada as well. One thing they talked about quite a bit was that they had a well to do relative that they would one day inherit a substantial amount of money from. Dan at times when he had a little too much to drink had a bit of a Canadian accent, not too much of one but enough that you could hear it every now an than depending on his moods. Both men are just your basic down to earth men. They do speak with respect when addressing others such as meeting someone like my father by saying Sir or Sirs an woman mam. For the most part very respectful. When it comes to Dan however he also has a bitter side to him in fact there were times he would get quite angry. Jesse not so much he was basically just kind and kept more of a low key but I would not be honest if I didnt say that Dan on the other hand would frighten me from time to time and my daughter as well. My daughter would say that she now no longer thinks of Dan as a nice man. There have been some things that had happened in the past five years to where my daughter said she saw an awful side to Dan, a very angry side to him an even though she does believe that Dan is Cooper (she's not one to believe so easy in fact it took some time but the evidence convinced her) she had asked me to plesse let this go, this meaning going forward an exposing him because she thinks I just might get hurt. My daughter might be right and a few others as well as my own father has asked me to put a stop to it and I did, for the past 6 years I let it rest but in leiu of the 50th anniversary coming up there is also the fact that there are so many out there claiming to either be Cooper or have known him "My decessed uncle jumped so many feet to soon because" etc Well I have a story to an one with much more consciences than anyone else has ever brought forward so WHY NOT TELL MY SYORY an see if anyone else thinks that just maybe Cooper is alive an the reason this has not been solved is for the simple fact we've been looking at this all wrong. Anyway back to how Dan became known to us as Cooper.  It was about a year after we met Dan an Jesse that my husband came home late one evening when he woke me up Tamy wake up he says as he shakes my shoulder till I wake up. What is it I asked, My husband hands me two pieces of paper one is a Sketch of a man an one is a real life photo. What is this all about I asked. Do you know who Db cooper is my husband asks me. I honestly had no idea at all. Sorry never did well in history I just had no idea whatsoever who Db cooper was BUT I WAS ABOUT TO FIND OUT an  what comes next I hope you too will find quite interesting. Back to the two pictures. My husband asked if i thought the sketch looked anything like the real life photo an of course it did I said it was dead on, its as if the sketch came to life, the eyes the shape the hair the ears I MEAN EVERY DETAIL ON THE SKETCH WAS BROOGHT TO LIFE IN THE PHOTO an ill tell you this, after I looked into everything online an looked at all the photos of all suspects that there is not one photo ever put out there that came even near as close to what I had in my hands. Yes there were others that came close had some resemblance but no one an I do mean NO ONE HAD WHAT I HAD AN THAT WAS A DEAD ON EVERY DETAIL IN THE SKETCH WAS LITERALLY BROUGHT TO LIFE IT WAS 100 PERCENT MATCH one being in black an white an the an the other a real life in full color photo! On the back of the photo it said "its me im not dead but alive an well, no funny stuff im Db cooper" My husband than proceeds to tell me that Dan had confessed to him this evening that he was none other than DB Cooper. Dan had asked my husband not to tell anyone not even me an that the reason he told my husband was because he felt that since they have become such good friends, work together etc an if course along with a little too much to drink he confessed to my husband an gave him a photo of himself at the time the hijacking occured.     To be honest I really just assumed it was the alcohol talking but the picture an sketch, well lets just say it was enough to get my attention an start doing some of my own investigating on this matter and so I did. For the next few months I researched everything I could possibly find out about this Db cooper. Besides the photo there was the way these men lived, exactly as profiled by the FBI than there were the ties to mexico Canada an more than we had the drinks Bourbon an soda the Canadian cigaretts he smoked an how he would often say things to me "no funny stuff Tamy" an no he was not trying to convince me he was Cooper this was just the way he talked and lived. One of the letters Cooper so called sent it started with "sirs" as did a letter Dan sent to someone else, it stated the same way. In trying to sum all this up an move on ill just say I decided to take the photo to the local police dept an see what they thought. To be honest I felt stupid an that Iwould probably just be laughed at but this weren't the case at all. When I handed the detective the sketch an the real life photo I will never forget the look on his face nor the exact words that came out of his mouth. First of all his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head when he says to me "Tamy where the fuck did you get this do you realize I have to go to the FBI with this, there is not any other photo ever that has been brought forward like this, who is this man" At first I woukd not give the name up but when the detective told me that even though he would be prosecuted there is the chance he could be pardoned as he is looked upon as an hero an Icon etc an worst case he would have enough commisory to live quite comfortably in jail. Jail is not what I wanted to have happen to him at all but I do think Coopers chances of getting an acquital are pretty damn good. Regardless of the outcome I did in fact give up the name. Once I did the detective too thought it couldn't be not him. But he could not deny what he had in his hands. I told him to do what he felt he thought was best. I left the photo with him an went home an on with my life. About six months later Dan an Jesse had come by for dinner an on this particular night they gave my kids ad well as myself some rocks. I asked Dan what was with the rocks, what kind of rocks were they and Dan replied, they are titanium rocks they got back in mexico gokd mining back in the day. It was a good eight month's or so later when I was cooking dinner an my daughter was doing her homework when the news came on "update on the DB Cooper case, tituminum has been linked to Db Cooper's tie" I'll never forget that moment either, when my daughter turned around an said to me "Mom those rocks, titanium mom! Maybe its time to start gathering those cigarette butts an bagging them" I never did do anything else about this matter, never went to the detective with the rocks, nothing. At this point I was just gonna let it be an if anything happens with the photo than ill share the rock matter. I guess i was just not really up to seeing him go to jail an i was going to let it go, for the time being. Tye next 6 years of my life, well lets just say my life went through some very tough times an Db Cooper was the least of my worries in fact far from my thoughts. Than one day im watching the news an again here comes yet another person with a long lost deceased relative who begore passing told them he was Cooper an a photo that looked nothing at all compared to the photo I left with the police Dept. So I got to thinking, here not only did I have a confession he gave to my husband I had the photo an now I had the matter of the titanium rocks in fact I had more coincidences than anyone else to date an I had him not decessed but alive an well so if someone could get their story of just a dead relative who said so an a pic that resembles nothing to what I had than why not get what I had out there there too an get others opinions. So I called the police dept an inquired about my photo an asked if i could have it bavk. They informed me that they would have to get back to me that they in fact found enough credibility in the evidence I brought them an in fact sent it on to the FBI. I got a call from my father about two an a half months later, apparently the detective did not have my new cell number so they called my father as I also left his number as a contact. Again something else ill never forget an truthfully if nothing else than the fact my father now believed me would be good enough for me if this never went any futher. My father calls me up an says to me "Tamy I got a call from a detective today and it appears he needs to get ahold of you, when I asked him what it was in regards to he told me Db Cooper so I asked the detective if you were in fact onto sonething or was this just some far fetched notion an Tamy I would like to apolige to you for thinking that you were maybe a bit off your rocker six years ago when you were running around saying you believed to have come upon the fact you know who Db cooper is because the detective assured me you have something, a photo an it could very well make the news. I could not believe it, to have all of this validated causa truthfully all of this was hard for me to believe as well. Anyway I got in touch with the detective an he informed me that they had just received my photo back from the FBI an the FBI had closed the case an would not acknowledge anything else unless physical evidence such as the parachute or money was brought in an that maybe the best thing to do is just for me to pick up my picture an go the social media route. So that's what i had fully intended to do. There's just one problem, when I got the file back my photo the real life photo was not returned! What I got back was copies od the sketch an Mckoys photo a copy of it, the same cooy that is online everywhere!!! My photo with the writing on back was not returned to me! I called the police dept an explained this to them an all they could say was they were sorry but their hands were tied, there was nothing they could do that that is what the FBI sent back. I was an to this day still am pissed but their the FBI an for some reason they wont give me back what I gave them, they try to convince me that that's what I gave them! BULLSHIT! My daughter an husband saw the real photo so I know without a doubt im not crazy in fact I have no choice to believe that there is some kind of cover up of some sort going on. So there it is my story. Oh one other thing, I saw Dan ab Jesse two years ago. When at their home they had a young cow in the front of the property. I mentioned how sweet the cow was. When I asked the cows name they said Alice an I said, as in Alice in Wonderland an Jesse sais no I named her after my niece Alice an shes a flight attendant not out in Wonderland. We just laughed an that was it. Hmmmm a flight attendant???  My hunch is this, Dan is Cooper an had the help of Jesse. When he jumped he had done so in an area where maybe he was well prepared to hold up in a gold mine somewhere an that the titanium particles on the tie was from gold mining, that the reason this case had never been solved was they got the age way off, you just never know. Than again all of this could amount to nothing at all but I wanted to at least get what I had out there an see if maybe anyone else agrees that there just coukd be something to this afterall. Thank you for reading my story, if it turns out to be nothing the one thing I know it still is is a good story. And to answer why I am talking, its simple, if the entire world was looking for a golden egg an you stumbled upon it wouldn't you wanna share it.
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Re: Suspects And Confessions
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One or two of you on here may know already that my main reason for researching Cooper was a "Eureka" moment I had the first time I saw Larry Carr talk about the Dan Cooper Comic. I immediately knew of someone who fit the description.

Six feet tall. Hair combed to the side. Swarthy complexion. French-speaking. Robbed airlines in the late 60's/early 70's. Used a comic book alias. Eluded the FBI.

The book Catch Me If You Can tells the story of Frank Abagnale, a man whose French Algerian Mother and Italian father divorce in New York when he's 16, and he turns to a life of crime. Frank famously looked older than he was, going gray as a teenager. His brother served in the Marines on a Cruiser stationed in France in the 1960's and would be in a position to send home comics like Dan Cooper to his kid brother. His dad, Frank Sr., whose Army unit's base was directly under Victor-23, is listed as having died in a "fall" in March of 1972 while the FBI was searching for Cooper's body. There is really too much fun stuff to list on this guy.

Highwayman is a synonym for hijacker.
People called Cooper a "Skyjacker."
Abagnale called himself the "Skywayman."

He tells a story of escaping from a moving plane while being tracked by the FBI by using technical information he had gathered about the aircraft. Kind of on-the-nose.

Cooper is the only Skyjacker never identified by the FBI. Never *identified*.
Abagnale is said to have been recruited by the FBI. It was the Cold War. If Abagnale could do a fraction of what he claims, he'd be the Werner Von Braun of espionage. I'd recruit him after a slyjacking.

After about 6 months of digging, I made up my mind that not only was Abagnale NOT Cooper, nor was his father (also 6 feet tall and swarthy), but that Abagnale was a massive ACTIVE con artist - not retired - having made up his life story and also likely used Cooper's story to augment his own. I felt like I had spent 6 months digging for iron pyrite. The silver lining was that now the story was that a massive fraud was roaming the countryside and I had a scoop on it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't interest anyone in the story. Nobody seemed to give a sh*t.  Luckily, one author simultaneously got interested in him while I put my story on the backburner and this guy actually had the time and energy to travel and research. The result is the expose on this con-job, linked below, which I'm reading right now. Great book. Makes me feel like Sean Connery finding out Indiana Jones found the grail without him - still excited regardless.

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Kudos to Alan Logan on what's a great book so far.

Unsurelock: I've seen some crazy suspects, yet no one has offered up Frank Abagnale.  I'd rather see him as a suspect than some of these others.  I got his book back in the early 90s before the movie was even a thought.  I loved the book, and the movie was pretty good too.  If you're bored and have not seen it yet, check out YouTube on him.  I think you can find his appearance on the game show, and he gives some good talks to companies, one was Google. 

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Re: Suspects And Confessions
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Franks's YouTube presentations were later to be proven to be false, as I understand the story. Frank Abignale is definitely one strange guy and a Great Liar!

Cooper, though? Na. Too young. He was in high school.... Daddy? I doubt it.
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Re: Suspects And Confessions
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Here's something I posted on my Facebook group concerning Sheridan Peterson:

One of the more intriguing things about Sheridan Peterson relates to his coyness concerning the DB Cooper case and his prospective involvement.

I learned a lot about Sheridan during my investigation much of which I have never discussed publicly. Well, I’ll reveal an intriguing detail now.

Sheridan would occasionally post comments on the DZ  anonymously. One of the screen names he used was ‘812Shadow’. Unbeknownst to Sheridan, I knew that 812Shadow was actually Sheridan.

This is intriguing because the name 812Shadow clearly has some significance. More to the point, it may reference the fact that DB Cooper jumped at 8:12pm. Perhaps the name was another example of Sheridan being coy and surreptitiously saying that he was the “shadow” or enigma that jumped at 8:12pm? Or perhaps it referred to something else even more intriguing?

Specifically, I have stated that DB Cooper may well have been inspired by a skyjacker named Paul Cini who skyjacked an airliner and attempted—but failed—to jump mid-flight with the ransom and a parachute. This occurred a mere 11 days before DB Cooper’s skyjacking.

Why is this important? Because it just so happens that the flight that Cini skyjacked was Air Canada flight 812.

So, perhaps Sheridan was referencing flight 812 as the inspiration behind DBC’s skyjacking 11 days later? This is something that only DB Cooper would know.

Sheridan Peterson was a strange man indeed.
Some men see things as they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

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Re: Suspects And Confessions
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I had no idea there were 100+ DB Cooper FACEBOOK pages !  I just stopped counting ... Large marketing opportunity. Bigger than Black Jack ?   Anyone and Everyone gets to be a celebrity, for only $9.99 a minute. Try it out in China.
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Re: Suspects And Confessions
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My grandmother knew DB Cooper. I will post soon on the Mountain News. I will tell my story to Josh Gates. Please put me and DNMale on tv soon.  The rent is due and we never received our Covid check!
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