How did the money arrive on Tena Bar

River Flooding
1 (5%)
Floated to it's resting spot via Columbia river
2 (10%)
6 (30%)
11 (55%)
tossed in the river in a paper bag
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Tena Bar Money Find  (Read 783299 times)

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Re: Tena Bar Money Find
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            I also hope that there are still people here to discuss the case. I prefer this site as well. I enjoy the discussions at the Dropzone forum. I haven't been on the FB site. ( not sure I would be welcome 😂 lol )
Why wouldn't you be welcome? We have over 3500 members there. All opinions and backgrounds welcome, including yours.

That said, I also wish this forum had more activity. Not sure why it has fallen off...

I confess this is my first visit in quite some time,  I think some people, myself included, find that this case is very close to being, unsolvable.  The final act that sealed it was the loss of the cigarette butts.  DNA is a very powerful tool in crime and forensics.  There can only be a few possible smoking guns to come about here.  And they are highly unlikely.  I see a new Zodiac video on YouTube.  That one likely is more solvable?  I saw your plane post. Nice.  The 727.