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I'll give it listen on my trip to Ohio next week.

Bruce A. Smith:
More kudos to Darren.

I just received my copy of Nat Loufoque's book on E Howard Hunt, titled: DB Cooper - Examined, Identified, and Exposed.

Darren's podcast with Nat is informative and intriguing, whereas Nat's book is a Hot Mess. It's barely readable, literally. The margins are WAY TOO narrow, and every page is a nightmare to read. Worse, most of the chapters are fillers. Worst, Nat opts to add his own speculative notions to what DB Cooper was thinking, feeling etc. Nat even says that while waiting for Flight 305 to board DB Cooper itched with pain due to an ulcer.

Nat, YOUGOTTABEKIDDINGME. C'mon, man. Next time you wanna write about DB Cooper, why don't you talk to some of us who have been reading, writing, and researching this fellow for awhile and have an advanced, considered view on who the guy really was.

One more thing. If you're gonna use my writing on Cooper in your book, please ask me for permission - or at least give me a heads-up. Thanks. Seeing my stuff in someone else's book without direct accreditation makes me cranky...

Bruce A. Smith:
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DB Cooper was a Railroader with the anonymous Army analyst that uncovered William J Smith.

Its a great episode, I know you guys will enjoy it.

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Check it out!

--- End quote ---

This researcher has been in contact with me from time to time. I consider his theories to be sound and thoughtful. However, the research is a bit thin in places, but overall, the fellow Darren interviews is a decent guy.

I'll be listening, too!

You are an asset to the Vortex Darren. Keep up the good work.


Our latest episode is out now. DB Cooper was a Priest with Gregg Gossett.

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