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Tena Bar Money Find

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Good to see a post from you Shutter, I hope everything is well with you. Thanks for clearing up the guest/bot issue. I was wondering about the sudden rise in interest, but my post was somewhat in jest, as I believe R99's response was. As for the museum chute, as I'm sure you've read over at dz, Flyjack makes an argument that that chute should not be handled until it could be tested for DNA, as Cooper likely handled it. I think that argument has merit, not sure how or if that could be arranged.

Hey dudeman, all is as well as it can be, I guess..

The main objective is to verify the chute. the DNA, not so sure since so many have handled the chute in the past and touch DNA is tricky on time frames due to how it was stored over the years (temps) along with it's travels etc. everything is worth a shot..

I haven't heard back from them so I will call them tomorrow and see if I can get the ball rolling..I can only hope they agree to allow this to happen..this could also be documented in the display...

Lets see what happens....



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