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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginAgree, georger. Like I said, nothing illuminating.

I was going to post some interesting photos, but with the site seemingly on the way out, I don't see the point.

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agree. who can know!  :o

How sure are we about money shards being buried three feet deep, and over a large (dozens of feet?) area? 
Is there video? 

Was this above or below the dredge layer?

Bruce A. Smith:
There is uncertainty on these issues, Herder, but here's what I know:

1. The FBI found multiple shards in the sand after they started digging in and around where Brian found his three bundolas. Those shards, estimated to be about 10 or so, were placed into Plasticine evidence envelopes by FBI agents. We have video confirmation of this from the KATU cameraman who posted his copy on the Internet a few years ago. KATU subsequently forced him to take down the video. These shards and their placement in the beach sand were confirmed by SA Dorwin Schreuder when I spoke with him a few years back. It is my understanding that he has shared similar perspectives with other Cooperites, such as Georger. Whether these shards were found down to a depth of three feet is up for debate. There are bootleg copies of the KATU video floating around.

2. Continuing, Dorwin, who was the PIO for the dig and then later took over the Cooper case from Himmelsbach, told me that they did indeed find money fragments to a depth of three feet and within a radius of about 20 feet from the spot where Brian found his bundolas.

3. SA Ralph Himmelsbach wrote in his book that they found money to a depth of three feet. Al Fazio, however, says that is bullshit. Ironically, Al may have not been on the beach when the money was found at depth, presumably via shovel work, because the FBI had detained him on Lower River Road and was denying him entrance to his property. The timeline for this sequence of events is a bit hazy, though. But when he did arrive, Al and his brother, Richard, were asked to join the dig with their backhoes and then the FBI began digging at depth in a large scale manner.

4. The deep stuff, along with surface shoveling, was sifted through grated boxes, and thousands of teeny money particles were recovered. Those made it to the FBI evidence depository in Seattle and were filmed by the Citizen Sleuths in 2009/2010.

5. Once those 10 shards in envelopes left the beach, they disappeared. No one I have spoken with has ever seen them.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginHow sure are we about money shards being buried three feet deep, and over a large (dozens of feet?) area? 
Is there video? 

Was this above or below the dredge layer?

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Hey PH,

There aren't too many things people are sure of in this case, which I suppose is part of it's charm and the challenge.

WRT the chards, it's a bit of an open or contested topic.  How many chards were there ? Were they part of the 3 packets or were they from other bills distributed by the dredge ?  Were they really 3 feet deep or were they just pushed down there while they agents were digging ?  There is some news footage (video) where an agent is holding a plasticine bag with a decent number of chards in it, a few up to 2 inches in size if I am not mistaken -- nobody seems to know where those chards went as they do not appear to be in evidence.   The clumsy summary I just gave is discussed in great and passionate detail in the several hundred pages of this Tina Bar thread.  You can find a brief video here that has footage from the Tina Bar investigation starting around the 1:10s mark and a picture of the chards at the 1:29s mark:

cheers   ;D

Thanks Bruce and JAG,

I’ve read a couple hundred pages of this forum and maybe 20 of this thread. But things change over time, so it’s hard to know if what I’ve read is the latest info, has been disproven, etc. I thought I knew enough to ask a couple questions that weren’t too dumb… (I hope…)

Also there’s a lot of bickering here, which gets tiring for new people trying to wade through all the threads here…. Sorry, but I’ve heard others say that too. 

Anyway -
It sounds like the shards were real, and plentiful, and 3 feet deep.

Then the question is whether they were distributed by the dredge, one of the previous floods, or by washing up from the river.  The latter seems unlikely.

Also, from what I’ve read, they were distributed at different depths - not just in one layer at, say, 3 feet.

Doesn’t that suggest the dredge? On the other hand I’ve read that the dredge spoils weren’t dumped this far up the beach, but are records of that really reliable?

So much conflicting information out there…. That’s why I’m asking what the latest and most reliable info is. :)


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