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Bruce A. Smith:
When's the Safecracker interview gonna air? He's busting my chops to listen to it!

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginWhen's the Safecracker interview gonna air? He's busting my chops to listen to it!

--- End quote ---

So PLF is still around and working on Cooper? 

Can you cite four of PLF's conclusions about the money find based on his work ?

Bruce A. Smith:
1. Yes.
2. No.

Next episode should be out soon, Russell may break it into 2 parts since its over 4 hours long.  ;D

I'm putting my nose back to the grindstone after a few months off, it's been a rough year lol.

I'd like to let the following people know that they always have an open invitation to come on the show, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. In no particular order;

They all already know this, but maybe you can tell them how much you'd like to see it happen as well.

Bruce A. Smith:
How about a panel discussion with the above?

I also recommend - strongly - that you have Geoffrey Gray on the show.

If you are able to convince him to do it, please grill him on how he obtain his unfiltered access to the FBI and their files back in 2009-2011. All that he will tell me, despite my many confrontations, is: "A good journalist knows how to develop and keep his sources."

How about Tina? Maybe if you contact Andrea Marks you might have an in. T's getting downright chatty these days.

Speaking of Tina, have you seen Rob Bertrand's film script on Norjak? It's excellent.

For those outside the inner circle of Cooper Country denizens, Rob is the owner of the DB Cooper Escape Room in Vancouver, WA. I first heard about Rob when he and his Room made the news when a thief broke into the facility to steal computers and laptops, but then had to call 9-11 to get out. Arrest and jail was preferable to an eternal life in the REAL Cooper Vortex...

.... also, Rob picks up my tab every time I'm at the Victor-23 pub in Vancouver.... just sayin', in the interest of full disclosure.


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