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The Ariel Conflict. The True Story Of Bryan Woodruff

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Bryan Woodruff was a good man anyway you look at this. I enjoyed his updates surrounding the Ariel store. I believe we all kind of knew Bryan was in over his head and the outlook was grim for it to reopen. he voiced out often about Mr. Blevins. I have several emails he included with Robert not understanding why Bryan turned on him. it had nothing to do with me or this forum. Robert failed to understand his mother had just died that he cared for and loved very much. Bryan's goal was to continue in his mother's footsteps.

When dealing with someone who lost a family member a high level of respect is required when dealing with them. Robert's intentions were good at the start but he quickly took advantage of the situation. he created a memorial page in reference to the cause and filled it up with rants such as you commonly see on the DZ. a jab here and there could be considered plausible but this was constant. again, on a memorial page. the actual cause was soon forgotten and filled with comments of Robert being in charge and it's his way or the highway..he banned the entire forum at one point. then made demands to Bryan that "Bruce was to be punished" making threats to Bruce he would be "physically removed" if he showed up. Robert failed to understand the party was to be in remembrance of Bryan's mother. Robert insisted it was going to be like woodstock which Bryan took as offensive to the store and his mother's legacy.

Robert was going around the store showing people how he intruded into my forum using a proxy or VPN to get around the ban of viewing my forum. we were the topic of the whole benefit vs the actual cause. he was so focused in getting us removed completely to complete his mission. more negative affects starting taking place with Bryan and his family surrounding Robert's actions. some thought he was the owner. it wasn't just the memorial page but he filled one of his many forums up with the same, including articles. He would constantly post the fact of Bruce not being welcome by a decision made by Robert and Bryan. that apparently wasn't true either according to Bryan. he said he thought it would be best to defuse the problem vs actually not allowing him to attend. this is typical of how Robert will twist things to his advantage.

Bryan apparently had enough and voice out on Roberts forum telling him who the owner was and who was in charge. Bryan made the decision to cut all ties with Robert once the party event was over. Robert continued to harass Bryan with the usual rapid emails calling Bryan "the biggest phony ever" multiple times. even stating he hopes it never opens. then two years later starts contacting Bryan again claiming someone wants to invest in the store. insisting he takes an offer of 51%. this angered Bryan further because he told me if they wanted to reach out to him he surely wouldn't want it done through Robert or why didn't Robert suggest the guy reach out to Bryan personally?. Bryan wasn't prepared to just sign away the legacy that's been in the family for decades. what reason would Robert need to be involved?

Bryan wasn't perfect by no means..his battle with alcohol was ongoing. he should of controlled Robert differently but it is what it is..I contacted Bryan very early into this and he responded with anger and screaming in full caps the entire email. I responded back and left it at that until he contacted me at a later point with a apology which I firmly accepted and out friendship was born. his main goal was his mother and that store. he wanted her remembered and that's why I made the video for him.

Now, he writes he already knew Bryan passed away and said nothing and then puts him up on a pedestal praising him as a good person..why wasn't the article written when you first found out. you already knew before Saturday and yet made the article several hours after the first post. it's pretty obvious you read it off my forum..why would you hold something like that back you went out of your way to make an article for?

I've included portions of emails from Bryan and after looking through them I was pretty accurate with my writing above..

Personally I have absolutely nothing good to say about Blevins from my own first hand experiences in dealing with his self-serving attitude and agenda. He deserves absolutely no respect from anyone.

All attempts by Blevins to insist that I sell 51% of this property or business to an unnamed businessman have been soundly and permanently rejected as I'm not interested in selling period. Nor will I allow him to post any article or story written by him to the Dona's Ariel Store Pub facebook page.

Since 1974 only Blevins has ever compared the annual D B Cooper Party as being a Woodstock type of event, it never has been nor will it ever be.  The 2016 party was held in memory and honor of my Mother's life and legacy, it takes a heartless piece of shit to compare a memorial party to Woodstock by anyone, and it is disrespectful as all hell.

My sincere and heart felt apologies to you all for ever believing Blevins lies.  I can guarantee you all Robert Blevins will never step foot in this building ever again as a result of his own lies, actions, and words not only towards myself but others as well.

Robert's postings on the Ariel page and my own page alienated a lot of my family, pretty much used both to attack others, and Mom's side of my family no longer acknowledge anything I post.

The evening prior to the BBQ, Robert had your forum showing on his computer and was trying to get others to view it.  Robert demanded Bruce not be allowed here, so to keep the peace while the travel channel was here the next day I asked him to have Meyer not bring Bruce to the Party just so there would be no problems between Bruce and Robert. 

Obviously Robert didn't get my hint when I told him not to involve Ariel Store, Mom, or me in his dispute with you all.  Everything about Ariel Store doesn't go thru Robert he's not the owner, I am, but he sure does act like he does at times which has been noticed.   Karma will get him, what goes around comes around.  Robert was told to back off, and remove his posting in regards to you all from the Ariel Store face book page.

2016 Robert was included in this email.
Mr. Blevins, I as owner of the property in which Ariel Store resides do not appreciate your putting the store or myself in the middle of the disputes between yourself and others

I didn't need any help deciding to unfriend Robert on face book, I have personally observed many things myself since April. The power of observation can reveal many things about others, in reflection of these observations by various means I do feel perhaps its in my own best interest to ban Robert, not Bruce.  Lesson over for now Robert.

This was just a few of Bryan's thoughts that surround Robert. I have too many to post and believe this is enough to tell the story. he failed once again to take his very own advice with "allowing emotions to get in the way" Bryan sent most of these emails on his behalf and were not from replies to me..

I realize this "drama" gets old but Bryan can no longer speak for himself so I used his quotes to speak his mind...

It's not about how much money you spent Robert,.it's your actions that Bryan didn't like. you made it personal and used him and the store. you failed to understand all the bad you did during this event. you do similar actions on the DZ by constantly going off topic and bring up the same old crap over and over. that's not Facebook or a site owned by you. people complain, including the Mod and you just continue on like nothing was said. 

Bryan made up his own mind. it's very simple to see reading through all the emails over the years. he didn't like you, at all. regardless to what you believe you did. it was his store and his to do as he pleased. he decided you were not going to be a part of it for reasons explained. I didn't even get into the fact of you going on his Ariel page trying to tell him the Cooper party has been moved from Ariel to Portland trying to rub it in..I have the screenshot he took. this was in Feb. of 2019...that was very clear you were trying to get back at him with that comment..the event you spoke of never happened and wasn't even set yet but didn't stop you from using it as a tool to get back at Bryan..

Correct, Robert...I wasn't there. you know who was....BRYAN WOODRUFF....

One thing is certain from my observation here. Bryan was a kind and thoughtful person who deeply loved his Mom !
I’d hope this page be devoted to Dona and Bryan’s legacy regarding the intricate part it played in the D B Cooper saga. I briefly met his Sister and she indeed seems like a very friendly person. Let’s hope that some of the many memories that flourished over the years at the Ariel Store are not forgotten! RIP to a great guy !

A proper page will be created on the website minus the drama and what Bryan went through with the above mentioned..The memory of them and what they did for the community is what's really important..

Robert, the evidence is very clear what you did in Ariel was continued kicking Bryan further by going on his Ariel page years later claiming the "Ariel party" was being moved to Portland. you fed off our emotions about Bryan then posted an article which should of been done prior since you made claim you knew he was dead and said nothing. your actions are disgraceful. you disgraced a memorial page to Bryan's mother. you disgraced her legacy further by calling her memorial party "woodstock" these are actions by your dumbass doings, not mine. Bryan didn't need any help to decide. you lied about Bruce being banned. you lied about a lot of things. you had a mission and should of stuck to it. remember what you always claim..."it doesn't bother me in the least" and yet you put Bryan & Dona in the middle of those things that never bother you. more lies again...disgraceful, period.   

Newsflash, a memorial page is a matter of respect to one's lose. NOTHING but that person's life should be on said memorial page, period! same for a memorial party which is in poor taste referring it to woodstock. it's YOU that got wrapped up making it personal and forgetting the actual cause. I wasn't there. you were and it's clearly evident from the debris field...

The property is for sale. where is the die hard rich Cooper fan and the high figures you often toss out to help keep the legacy alive? go 50/50 and lease the building. should I start shaming you into this? what do you say, Robert. you going to do the right thing? would it interrupt daytime sleepy from a hard night gossiping and scanning the internet for the next mud sling topic to post you believe should stop? it's all very, very post sometimes minutes after something is posted from different forums or sites..

The only person who "managed to turn Bryan" was Bryan. he was not coached into anything. the email I sent him in the beginning was replied to me in all caps full of anger and I replied back and that was the end of the whole thing until he reconnected with me and Bruce months later. stop LYING further for your own mistakes. you have been caught lying about the conference and now's getting more transparent with the lies..

"Obviously Robert didn't get my hint when I told him not to involve Ariel Store, Mom, or me in his dispute with you all."

2016 Robert was included in this email.
Mr. Blevins, I as owner of the property in which Ariel Store resides do not appreciate your putting the store or myself in the middle of the disputes between yourself and others.

It so easy even a caveman can understand this....Deal with your mistakes and stop blaming others for your own actions..

Update: you are lying again by stating for the, at least 50th time of removing the shortcut to this forum and no longer reading off it or other have got to be the BIGGEST 65 year old baby on the internet. it's pathetic..


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