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The Ariel Conflict. The True Story Of Bryan Woodruff

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Quick update on Ariel Tavern. I hadn’t been by there since my wife and I drove by and saw lots of activity going on. We stopped and briefly talked to Joni who is Bryan’s Sister. She sadly informed us of Bryan’s passing.
Yesterday I had business in the Woodland area so I ventured the short trip to the Ariel Tavern. This time I found the place hauntingly abandoned looking and obviously uninhabited. I took a few photos and left a note on clipboard. I fear the glory days of gatherings at Ariel are in our past. What did surprise me was Joni seemed quick to ask me if I was interested in buying the place a few months ago but yesterday there were no for sale signs present. Bryan had showed me through the place about 2 years ago and I observed the condition of the building. I recall telling Meyer that it would cost at least $100,000 to get this place up to present day standards.

It's hard to say if they put it on the market yet. I miss his updates and pictures he used to send. he missed his mother so much. I hope he found her and has peace..

So is there anything planned for the 50th anniversary, assuming this crime is not solved by next Thanksgiving? 

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginSo is there anything planned for the 50th anniversary, assuming this crime is not solved by next Thanksgiving?

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Yes, new owners have purchased the property and apparently will be having a party for the 50th anniversary. this could be the bash of the century marking DB Cooper and honoring Bryan Woodruff and his mothers legacy. this would be something I would attend.

Eric Ulis holds a convention every year (CooperCon) and will probably have a lot of key people speaking at the event. this year was cancelled due to Covid.


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