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The Ariel Conflict. The True Story Of Bryan Woodruff

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Bruce A. Smith:
I would love to see a reunion of the flight crew of 305 at the 50th. Tina was looking downright sociable in the HBO docu. Opened the show, in fact!

Plus, I would love to see a panel discussion with FBI agents, such as Bob Fuhriman, who was in the HBO docu. A few other agents who were involved in Norjak are also still with us - George Grotz, Paul Tillis, Ron Nichols.

And how about Mary Jean Fryar? Larry Carr? Curtis Eng?


--- Quote ---This is a deliberate untruth. Shutter is well aware that Eric Ulis dumped his CooperCon website, and hasn't posted to Shutter's site much ever since the airing of the TV show.
--- End quote ---

Mr. Blevins. it's hard to buy stock in something YOU own.

Eric is very much alive and involved. it's just not online. the site you are whining about is an OLD site that was taken over. the only "untruth" is the constant bullshit coming out of your keyboard with yet again, another wild assumption with typical personal attacks to boot. it's amazing how much bullshit you can make up at once to gossip about.

CooperCon WILL carry on next year as mentioned months ago. it will not change, it will not be cancelled, opened, cancelled and opened again, like you typically do. no reason to start "promoting" either.

Shutter, is well aware the site was dropped long ago and merged to his main site. something you probably never took the time to look at.

Interesting that Minnow productions "bypassed" you after putting them up on a pedestal for over a year. maybe they read all the crap you spew everyday? Bruce made it, Eric made it. two people you gossip about.

Since you are so interested in Eric and what he does. he logged in last week. do you need to know what he ate yesterday. you might be able to "assume" more out that too?


--- Quote ---Now....IF....(and I mean IF)...both the owners of the store and the general Cooperland community would be in support of AB of Seattle hosting another OUTDOOR party down in Ariel, I already know how to pull that off. But I'm not changing our current plan unless BOTH the owners of the property AND Cooperland show full support for such a thing. No more backbiting, no more nasty posts about our efforts at Shutter's place...NONE of that again. I won't have it.
--- End quote ---

Robert, you don't belong there. it's disrespectful to Bryan and his mother. The truth is very simple and Bryan voiced out plenty as seen above in this thread. the bad out weighed the good by far. the cause became secondary similar to what you do on Dropzone. I've already spoken to Eric about this as well as others. a whole year is ahead of this. I don't look at any event as "competition"  the word has already spread pretty fast and you didn't have a clue because you get caught up in bad assumptions and gossip. Ariel events were always big.

Yes, I will be contacting them. Bryan (RIP) would want me to do just that!

I thought you filled most of the slots and were going to have another Woodstock? dozens of emails and interest. you just going to blow them off or point them all over Washington for the next six months? 

What happened to California. the big move next year. did you forget?

Mr. Blevins, I'm glad you came to your senses about Ariel. It's about time you did something right.

When you make "public" announcements about your private affairs it's hardly an intrusion. using a proxy is an intrusion. we all know you watch this site and we all know you no longer need a proxy. you can stop the hall monitor alerting you trick :)

You should of done your homework with Eric before spouting off a bunch of nonsense, including trying to discredit me. Eric is doing things you can't imagine that could change the course of the investigation. this has nothing to do with suspects, or the flight path either. you just don't have the contacts to take the case anywhere. you post the same old crap with Kenny and spend the rest of your time gossiping and trying to push other suspects out of the way. you keep getting bypassed. lets face it. Bruce and Eric are plowing over you. step aside.

You don't even read a post right. my comment had nothing to do with your little pioneer event in June. you also got the "untruth" part wrong. that belongs to you.

Based on your response of diversion speaks volumes. your original comment was 100% wrong.

I consider this matter closed.

Lets establish a few things here before we proceed. I'm hardly obsessed when it comes to you Robert Blevins. on occasions I do feel the need to reply to the many posts you make on the DZ. the thread is dead from the "obsession" with the constant off topic posts about things as far back as 2011. people have put you on ignore to get away from your "obsession"  just look at the comments as far back as one can see and the obsession is clearly visible. people have to filter through your obsession.

I don't think it's advisable to constantly go onto that thread to comment about the off topic ramblings you are obsessed with posting half to full pages at a time. 7-8 in a row.. 95% of your comments are repeats or "the same old shit" you decided back in 2014 to join this forum under false pretenses specifically to cause trouble. you paid the price and were perma banned. yes, I did say you would not be welcome before the site started. that's my right. deal with it "for chrissakes"........shift that blame.... :congrats:

--- Quote ---. Only you would take time to create a special webpage with only one goal.
--- End quote ---

Yes, one page surrounding suspects? at the bottom directs you to all the other suspects. it's not like I made an exclusive page like wordpress or Quora? you have been asked multiple times to correct anything wrong on said page which follows with (crickets). even your book has similar errors you refuse to correct. that's one of Bruce's problems with you speaking as one writer to another. you want to try and express giving it to people straight when your book is full of errors you are fully aware of and refuse to correct. the last lie was fixing the book before the largest ever motion picture was coming out. what's the excuse now? sorry, I also made a thread exposing the emails sent to you Bruce and myself surrounding Ariel where you once again take zero blame and call the owner an alcoholic who doesn't know what he is talking about. shift that blame, again... :congrats:

I spoke with Eric this evening about the "Mississippi incident" you are so far off base it registers on the Richter scale.
It's amazing how you have twisted it into everyone else's fault but your own. what a shock. you need to start a insurance company..."no fault"  again...shift that blame one more time.. :congrats:

I also asked him about the Portland country club. guess what. it was canceled because of your email. that was told directly to Eric. what do you do..shift the blame once responsibility what so mentioned before, you even lied in the same post by saying they were disgusted with the comments not realizing you just wrote they never responded. you might want to "shift" the story lines a little better so the lies and blame are no no easily seen.  :congrats:


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