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--- End quote ---

Thanks, we can always make changes. that's what I like about a forum that we can control. let's see how the boat floats  8)

Bruce A. Smith:
Okay...I'm learning how to use this forum.

Happy to be here.  We can continue to use this site, and I can say goodbye to the WordPress blog I started a week or go.  That said, I'll keep it running for now - I've got the time - and we'll see how it goes. 

I believe in evolution, and its dynamic of most useful being the place to be.

So, where is everybody?

Hmmmm.  The spellchecker didn't function for me.  I'll have to check with my chrome function.  I've been having Internet conenction problems all night.  It may be the rain.  Lots of liquid sunshine today, along with fog.

377 checking in.

welcome Bruce, 377. hopefully you guys noticed the different topics that you can view and comment on. I have the spell checker on Bruce. I think you should leave the blog up for a while at least. I'm still trying to figure all of the things out here, so we might have a few bumps along the way.  8)

This is nice.   Good job Shutter.


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