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Bruce A. Smith:
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But that is a cool photo.

That's the only one that pops's a photoshop pic.

Bruce A. Smith:
As I recall it, the 727 on the aircraft carrier was a sketched poster, not a pix.

Someone has probably already posted this but just in case. Guy dressed up like DB does the jump. 

A 2016 post by Bruce Smith states:
Ralph Himmelsbach, p. 13 NORJAK: "Lysne wrote 'Cooper, Dan' on the flight manifest, and wrote 'Seattle' and '52' on the ticket jacket in the spaces for destination and boarding gate.”

FBI Vault Part 10 page 443, footnote DB Cooper-1676, states: [redacted] Northwest Orient Airlines, advised that at approximately two p.m. November twenty four seventy one: white male came up to him in regular rotation in long line of customers and said something to the effect, "Can I get on your flight to Seattle?"

In the FBI document, which was written on a typewriter with uniform spacing of characters, the redacted text has a length equivalent to 34 characters including spaces. This would fit with "DENNIS EUGENE LYSNE, TICKET AGENT," or "DENNIS E. LYSNE, TICKETING AGENT", but also with "HAROLD X. WILLIAMS, TICKET AGENT," (where X is unknown).

Four questions if I may:
* Has anyone seen an unredacted copy of the FBI document?
* Is Himmelsbach's book the only document in the public domain that names Lysne as the ticket agent?
* Is there any other document that identifies the ticket agent?
* Has anyone on this forum ever communicated with Mr Lysne or Mr Williams?


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