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Lots of questions surround the flight path.

I am currently working on the flight path via simulator. this has been a challenge getting the right software for the best results. to date, I have settled with X-plane software. I also have a Galaxy 3 tablet running wireless to the system that has all the navigational charts needed plus other options to boot.

I hope Ron & Pat decide to join us here and discuss further about the person training jumpers. lots of question will come of this I'm sure.

I'm anxious to hear more about Georger's knowledge of the "missing minutes" from Flight 305.  This could be the reason the FBI was looking in the wrong location.  If pilot Rataczak said, "5 to 10 minutes later," maybe it could really be 10 to 15 minutes later.  That would put flight #305 much further south; almost into Oregon.  I think the "missing minutes" are the key to the real drop zone.  What say Georger?

I posted this at the DZ hoping to get some skydiver answers. Gonna post it here too in case we have any skydiver, aeronautical, or time/space continuum  experts here..  ;)

First, Not sure that this has been posted before, but here's an article talking about the Travel Channel's "America Declassified" Nice read. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Now....As we know there is a document out there signed by a NW official that possibly indicates how the probable landing zone was arrived at. I'm interested in trying to find out if there could be other factors that could influence the landing zone  that are not specifically talked about in that document.

So if we have any skydivers/experts who'd care to opine...

How far have you been blown from your dropzone due to wind or other factors?

What's the greatest unintended distance from a planned landing that you know of?
What influenced the distance in those cases?

Would the type of parachute that Dan Cooper was using make him more or less likely to be blown "off-course" by wind/weather?

Is there anything that Cooper could do before or after opening his chute (under the conditions as we know them) that would have increased his horizontal distance from a flight path? And I have no idea if horizontal distance is the right terminology so hoping you know what I mean.


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