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It seems everyone who lived in the PNW at that time has a Cooper tale of some kind. Would be cool to have something set up for people to share their Cooper stories. Might actually discover a witness or new info that we’ve never heard from before.

Most of those stories are tall tales, but worth a shot.

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How many people actually lived in the area and were familiar with the circumstances will be speaking at CC 21 ?
A few I’m aware of but we need more and there has to be 100’s ! I was 30 years old and am now 80. Any real witnesses are fast disappearing!

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Kermit, I would like to enlist your help with the DB Cooper Photobomb Initiative.

Specifically, I'm looking for old photos taken in or outside of PDX on November 24, 1971. There had to be dozens of family photos and the like as people greeted arriving family and friends for Thanksgiving or saw others off. I intend to analyze each of these pictures carefully and look for Cooper or signs of Cooper in the background.

Please reach out to anyone you know who may have a stray photo or two hanging around in an old photo album or slide projector reel. I can be reached via email.

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Although I have nothing but support for any new ideas, most people would consider your photobomb initiative as a real long shot ! We live nowadays in a society where almost everyone has a smart phone and since the photos cost nothing really, everyone is snapping away ! This event was such a huge happening in Portland in 1971 that I’d think that anyone who did take photos at PDX on Nov 24 would have gone through their photos looking for a Cooper lookalike ! However miracles are always possible so I think enlisting some help from local newspapers might produce something. I actually think producing any photos relating to Portland as it existed in 1971 would be of interest.
I’m sure many of our forum posters have little idea of how different things were back in 1971. That’s why I’d like to see more of the locals that were actually living in The area to get involved in CC21!

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There will be a significant amount of promotion and publicity leading up to CC21. Locals will have ample opportunity to show up if interested.

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Perhaps my main point is still lost somewhere ? Very few posters on this forum actually have first hand knowledge of exactly what existed in Portland area in 1971 ! All the commercial businesses located presently weren’t even on the drawing boards near the Airbase ! The 205 bridge wasn’t built yet in 1971 ! Cooper had a lot easier path getting around without being observed in 1971.

Just received word that Brett Eichenberger will be a part of CC21. Brett heads up a production company and is a movie director from Portland. His current project is a badass Bigfoot documentary--I have viewed the trailer and it is a first class doc.

I have always had in mind expanding CooperCon beyond DB Cooper. DB is obviously the star of the show and the backbone of the event, but I want to develop CooperCons into festivals that celebrate the Pacific Northwest at large. So Brett will serve as our first foray into this new territory.

Looking forward to this!

I know there was a question on another thread about selling tickets to CooperCon 2021.

There will be a ticket price attached to the two-day conference portion of CooperCon--not the social events each evening starting on Friday, November 19th. I believe it will be $20 for both days total. In other words, $20 gets you a ticket good for both days.

The tickets will be available online through Kiggins' website, I believe starting this week. Also, I'll be launching a website this week which will direct people to the Kiggins' ticket portal.

Tickets will also be available at the door as was the case in 2018, but I wouldn't recommend it. After all, I expect a full house this year given the significance of the 50-year anniversary and that there will be a significant amount of media attention focused on the event--I believe even from the UK and Australia.

This year's event is only the beginning. My plan is to grow this into an annual week-long festival every November that celebrates the legends of the Pacific Northwest including Big Foot and purported "Flying Saucer" activity in the region. That said, DBC will serve as the primary thrust of CooperCon going forward and is intended to provide an experience that is festive, fun and informative.


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