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Bruce A. Smith:
Thanks, 'rade, I'm waiting to read it!

18 copies sold. Just talked with Ross R. about marketing, getting into print, speaking engagements, and other ways to make moolah. Just after I climbed "Mt Everest," I find there is another mountain to climb. Whew.

Bruce A. Smith:
Andrade's review is up at Amazon. It's a very thoughtful and well-rounded assessment of the book. Essentially, he says the facts are laid out well, easy to read, but the conspiracy stuff mucks things up. But he acknowledges that the Cooper case almost compels one to contemplate SOME conspiracy.

Thanks, 'Rade. I appreciate your commentary. It's always good to know what folks are thinking who don't normally sit at the Kool-Aid table...

And I'll re-iterate the main point of the review, which is every Cooper Sleuth should buy the book.

Looks like one sold over in the United Kingdom.......

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI submitted a review a few hours ago, sometimes Amazon holds a review to check for inappropriate language or plot spoilers.

--- End quote ---

I have a question for you, as a reader of Smith's book:

How does Smith portray the Cooper investigation? As an FBI investigation only or as a shared investigation: FBI, USAF, NWA, Boeing, etc. ?  Does the book make it clear who was in charge of what, and who did what at various stages of the investigation?

Who gets the lion's share of the blame for a failed investigation?

Does Smith tell us what was done wrong, or what was done right,  by who at critical points in the investigation?

Would you recommend Smith's book to the FBI as a training manual?



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