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Re: New Forum & News Updates
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Flyjack claims update:

Flyjack has been bizzy. 

1. FJ claims to have identified one of the bills Harold Ingram phoned in about to the FBI. He says it was the top bill in the bundles of bills found by Brian Ingram. (Bill shown below) FJ says verbatum:

"L55376548B was the bill on the top one of the of the packets the Ingrams had that Ralph Himmelsbach Id'd as matching the FBI list.         This top bill is NOT blackened, if the FBI did use Silver Nitrate to fingerprint bills they would have fingerprinted this bill, the top one, they didn't. There was no record of SN being used and this bill would have been the primary target for fingerprinting." {Therefore, FJ says, the FBI or the bank marked the Cooper ransom before delivery to Cooper, and,  the FBI fingerprinting the bills may be a lie! }

No documentation provided. [quote above is Fkyjack's, in his words as posted - not my words]
2. "Found something interesting… The FBI files show that Cooper used two matchbooks.. One his and one supplied by Tina. Tosaw’s book distinguishes further. According to Tina the matchbook Cooper had said “Earn a High School Diploma” and Tina went to grab company matches from a cabinet.. Cooper recovered and took the first empty matchbook. Sky Chef supplied catering for flights..   That “suggests” the Sky Chef matches did not come from Cooper at all but were grabbed by Tina on the plane."

Source - Richard Tosaw's book.

3. "Cooper had 2 drinks. Money in packets of $2000 strapped in PAPER BANDS and some had additional rubber bands, corroborates Tina, H, and Bank letter to FBI..  Cooper offered 2 packets of money to stews, other than Tina.[Cooper offered 2 packets each to Tina, Hancock, and Schaffner!]

Source - Richard Tosaw's book, Tina, H, and Bank letter to FBI.

4. "Cooper demanded flaps down but flight ops was calculating range and they went back and asked Cooper, he then said 15 degrees."

"they went back and asked Cooper"   {They physically went back and talked to Cooper? Flyjack does not define what he means by "went back".}

source: FBI 302, Tosaw book, and special insight by FlyJack himself. This is the first evidence ever that the crew went back and talked to Cooper in person, mano-a-mano!

5. Flyjack now claims to have new evidence about termite species native to Portland that verifies all holes and other imperfections in the Cooper bills - was caused by termites as per his original claim. He still claims that Tom Kaye is an "idiot and a liar" inasmuch as Tom attributes hole to bacteria.  :D

NEWS - Fkyjack's claim is now more than year out of date due to new data collected last year, which FJ is unaware of!.

6. Flyjack now claims that R99's "flight path calculations are wrong".

Source: Flyjack University Avionics Dept. ?

 :nono: :conspiracy:

1.  Where did Flyjack post the above?

2.  Following the landing in Reno, the entire cockpit crew was interviewed by the FBI and it was stated that they did not leave the cockpit or see Cooper during the entire hijack event.  See the FBI 302 files among other things.

3. What is "Flyjack University Avionics Dept."?

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Re: New Forum & News Updates
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I believe it was posted at Bruce's site or the Dropzone site. (maybe both)  I am not sure if he actually meant they physically went back to ask him or asked him by way of the stewardess. I thought Shutter had mentioned at one time that originally the flaps were set at 30 degrees upon accent but after seeing how much fuel it was using at this setting the flight crew asked to change the flaps to 30 degrees.
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