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The DNA/The FBI/DB Cooper...Whats The deal?

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Understood, none of this has to happen now anyway. I'm just slowly working everything together.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginUnderstood, none of this has to happen now anyway. I'm just slowly working everything together.

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Blevins says: "Actually...I am only trying to find out if Kenny Christiansen was Cooper. That's it. I can't alter any DNA test, and if the Seattle FBI ever decides to check out the witnesses named in the updated report, I have no control over that either. "

Blevins already has the answer to this.

The FBI has stated they only have a partial for Cooper. That is insufficient to match anyone, Lyle or Kenny himself even if Kenny was Cooper! Lyle can come out at best as a 'partial of a partial, of a partial'! It's going to take somebody like the FBI or Arc Point to pound that into Blevins' head and very likely they won't even accomplish that.

The issue is not Lyle or Kenny but Blevins himself.


Georger:   I don't think the FBI has yet found DB Cooper's DNA. I believe they actually have it under the stamps and envelope flaps of the four letters sent to the news papers following the Norjak hijack.  The FBI seems reluctant to discover that DNA as they don;t seem to think the letters are from DB. I have another thought on the letters (especially letter #3) that has a salutation of "The system that beat the system, DB Cooper". That was the mantra of Sheridan Peterson the whole month he stayed at my house in Seattle. That made me a believer in the four letters actually being from DB/Sheridan. It also ment that he survived the jump and was alive which the FBI did not want to believe. The FBI has Sheridan Peterson's DNA that was collected by the two Female Agents, However, they bought the phoney story of Cossey who may have actually been a partner in the caper and wanted to through the FBI off by saying it was too difficult a jump and DB was an beginner jumper and did not know what he was doing. The opposite is true of Sheridan (Smoke Jumper, Instructor in the Boeing Skydiving Club, skydiving experimenter with wings etc...). Cossey could have served as the ground/getaway guy and launder of the money in the Casino's he visited. The FBI needs to Solve The Crime by looking at the DNA on the four envelopes they have.
Bob Sailshaw
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What will happen if the letters have four different DNA samples, and don't match the samples on the tie? I still wonder if they already checked the letters and haven't told anyone?

Georger (continued):  To solve the case all the FBI needs to do is compare the DNA from the four letters with what they already have from Sheridan Peterson and a match (and I truly believe they would get a match) would prove that Sheridan was in the Portland area at the scene of the crime for Norjak and not in Nepal as his phoney alibi says. So easy to solve and yet the FBI is stuck on stop probably on the order from the US Attorney Generals Office (and we know how he works). The FBI needs to solve the crime and get it off their books as a success and not as their only unsolved crime. . Another aspect of DB is the disguise he use was so simple. He wore sunglasses to cover his eye color (what the FBI looks at to identify the suspect). The only time he took off the sunglasses was to show the Flight Attendants his eye color. They said he had "piercing brown eyes" which covered up hi actual blue eyes. No other disguise was necessary and it did the trick with the investigators.

Bob Sailshaw
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