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The DNA/The FBI/DB Cooper...Whats The deal?

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I spoke with Fred Whitehurst yesterday for an extensive period of time. Fascinating guy. One of the most interesting people I have spoken with in conjunction to Norjak. For those who might have missed my description of Whitehurst in the above post on "Chapter 16," Fred Whitehurst was the Supervising Special Agent at the FBI's National Crime Lab for about ten years or so - late 1980s until 1998, when he was transferred and demoted. Afterwards, he sued the Bureau and won $1.8 million.

He was the key agent to trigger the federal and congressional investigation of the NCL in 1996, and is featured in the book Tainting Evidence - Inside the Scandals at the FBI's Crime Lab.

Fred had a LOT to say about the FBI, and how the crime lab operates. He wasn't surprised to hear about the journey DNA has traveled in Norjak. He didn't have any information to share on the subject, but volunteered to review any and all FBI documents we might have. "I could help you by explaining what all the symbols and codes mean in the margins - things like that."

In general, his view is that the degree of fraud, deceit, and malfeasance at the FBI and their crime lab is much worse than any investigation is going to be able to uncover. He said that his whistleblowers organization is investigating 21,700 convictions by the feds that may have been obtained through fraudulent means. Plus, he told me two anecdotal stories of LE whistleblowers being intimidated by the FBI in outrageous ways - one was a false sexual abuse charge and the other was a kidnapping of an examiner's child. Wild stuff.

We also talked at length about dealing with people who blow us off by shouting we are conspiratorialists and wackos. We also talked about fanatics who are wackos, and what life is like having them as part-time allies and full-time pain-in-the-asses.

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and what has any of this to do with the Cooper case? Are you now alleging FBI fraud in the dna workups for Cooper evidence?

Bruce Smith:  Did you miss in your Chapter 16 that the DNA from under the envelope flaps and stamps of the four letters sent to the newspapers just after Norjak has yet to be examined by the FBI?

As you know I propose that comparing the four letter DNA with what the FBI has from Sheridan Peterson and a match will "blow the case wide open" and lead to solving it very quickly and at little expense. Now this is the "smoking gun" in the case as because the FBI is on stop and this great opportunity remains unexplored. A match with Sheridan will prove he was in the Portland area, the scene  of the crime and not in Nepal per his phony alibi.

Lying to the FBI could put Sheridan in jail by its self and that threat could be used to trade for the real DB Cooper story from him.

This DNA info should be included in your Chapter 16 about DNA in the case.

Thank you,
Bob Sailshaw
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Bruce A. Smith:
You're correct, Sail. But the issue is raised in the chapter on Al Di and the letters, and at the moment I'm inclined to leave the discussion where it is.

This is one of the unexpected dynamics in writing a book on Norjak - so many issues are intertwined that writing a coherent narrative is difficult. Take the DNA - we have letters, stamps, cigarettes, Reno, lost evidence, malfeasance at the NCL, partials, the tie that no one remembers, multiple male donors, chain of custody issues, Petey, Nepal, Whitehurst, Ckret, KING 5, epithelial cells. Lots of hoops to jump through.


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