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Re: Flight Path And Related Issues
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Don't put words in my mouth either...

The larger point is that this probably answers how the initial search area was devised--again with no Air Force flight path in hand.

I've tried for several posts to tell this story. you guys keep shooting down things because of no both said no search worth value.

I pointed out reasons I believe they went forward with a search. they seem to be logical reasons. map or no map. I NEVER once claimed anyone had an agenda to anything nor did I imply anything of the sort! I responded to each question with my answers. that's like implying I have an agenda for the known flight path. that's wrong too! I'm looking for answers just as anyone else is. I rely on what is on the table and what needs to be removed from the table in order to change anything in that event. certain things are hard to remove IMO. until then I can only rely on the evidence in place. attacking data or comments do not suggest an agenda in my book.

It pisses me off hearing people accuse me of them having an agenda. Robert Blevins is famous for that. the only thing you will see me do with accusations is about lying. that statement really ticked me off...

Good nite
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