Author Topic: Flight Path And Related Issues  (Read 143146 times)

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Re: Flight Path And Related Issues
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My placard test wasn't really meant to show exactly how the card went straight down. it shows different characteristics. it's very possible tumbling is not the only option. sure it will still drift. how far. I don't know. will it act differently damaged? I'm trying to find out. is it light enough to tumble like the pamphlets released from planes once they exit?

I haven't weighed my cards or thickness. they are thin but might weigh over an ounce. we don't know the actual weight, right? getting it to spiral did call for me to throw it into the air but that's how it was basically introduced going out the back of the plane.

I was 40 feet up and the card tumbled about 125 feet. that should be somewhere around 5 miles. wind was around 7-10 mph.
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