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Expedition Unknown will be airing a show on (TLC) January 11th at 9 pm 8c...

Josh Gates sets off on an expedition to crack the mystery behind the perpetrator of the only unsolved plane hijacking in US history. Picking up where the FBI left off, Josh joins citizen sleuths on the hunt for D.B. Cooper in the Pacific Northwest. He discovers new clues and theories before having the experience of a lifetime, jumping out of plane, just as Cooper did decades ago.

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Hello Everyone!

Airing tonight:  D.B.Cooper episode of EXPEDITION UNKNOWN!

Back this summer I reached out to a lot of you for help with a D.B.Cooper episode of EXPEDITION UNKNOWN on the Travel Channel.  I was impressed by the depth of knowledge of everyone on this site and grateful for everyone's generosity.  I'm happy to announce that the episode debuts this evening on the Travel Channel at 9pm.  I want to again thank everyone on here who ever answered an email or a phone call from me or or co-workers.  Specific thanks to members here: Shutter, Bruce Smith, Robert99, Georger, Meyer Louie, & Mark Meltzer (Mark's on here, I think, yes?).

I hope you all enjoy the show. And just remember, anything that you like, I'm totally responsible for (with all your help), and anything you don't–it was the Network!

Thanks again to a great community!

-Amanda Marks

This Greg guy doesn't seem to know there was an oscillation and a pressure bump...

CRT production... Interesting. Does this mean Kaye "unfound" the titanium particles?

can the two be linked?

universal 25''-29'' inch CRT TV kit/ CRT TV accessory/ CRT TV mainboard. 1 Piece (Min. Order) ..... 15''NF SKD CRT TV B grade picture tube. US $20-60 / Piece ( FOB .... Material: Pure titanium black glaze/golden white enamel. Size: American ...


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