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Hi all!

My name is Andrew and I work in development at Atlas Media Corp (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) - yes the same TV production company that was doing something not to long ago on DB Cooper. I believe some of you recently spoke with one of my coworkers. That was for a segment as part of a larger show. I am actually working on developing an entire show just on the DB Cooper case and would like to speak to as many of you as possible.

We are interested hearing about all theories, suspects, facts, misinformation and more. Because this is only at the developmental stage - we are doing skype (or facetime if necessary) interviews at this point. No one needs to fly to New York or anywhere else! If you are interested to hear what we are working on and talk to us about your involvement with the case - please shoot me an email with a short bio on yourself including picture and a short brief on your expertise. You can email me at You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Happy to answer any questions anyone might have!



P.S. i'm sure some of you have noticed this post on another board or two - just want to make sure everyone sees it!

A bit of info on Atlas - we are NY and LA based TV production company specializing in Documentary/reality/non-fiction/and more. We currently are producing shows for History, Travel, American Heroes Channel, Investigation Discovery, HGTV, Animal Planet, E! and GSN.

Hello Andrew, thanks for stopping by and posting the news.

Dave Brown (aka Shutter)

I would like to add that this forum holds a lot of information as well experience in the case. we have several "experts" in this field. I think all of your questions about the case can be answered through this forum. I'm honored to have this much experience around me, and the ability to work as a team since the start of this forum.

Bruce A. Smith:
RE: Shut's involvement with Atlas - of which I have lost track of between emails, PMs, posts here and elsewhere.  Whew. But I hear he is having a skype chat I believe.

Here's one pertinent message to our new "Mr. Cooper."


Sounds like SHOWTIME to me!  Go Shut - Welcome to Hollywood.

You can ask them right up front what they want, but I would imagine that they will touch on two subjects - Cooper in general, and your work with the simulation, flightpath, et al. You are the founder of the Biggest DB Cooper Forum, so that gives you big cred. Plus, you have the simulation and I would think they would like to borrow a piece of it to add to their docu. It'll add greatly to the graphics.

Enjoy. Remember to shave....

...fifteen minutes will go quickly.

If anyone has any questions, I'm sure Andrew will pop on and answer them.

Yep! I am here to answer questions. We want to talk to and skype with everyone! From this board and others...  Whether you're a seasoned expert like some of the folks we've talked to on here - or new to the case and just learning about the various DB Cooper theories and suspects - we want to talk to you! So please reach out...  email us at You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

And of course if there's anyone else you think we should talk to, email us about that too!



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