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                                              July 10th & 11th

                                              "The Colbert Report"

It sounds like these guys did there homework, but is it enough to prove they have Cooper? they leave a question mark at the end, so odds are that they don't have enough proof.

Since the suspect is alive, it debunks all the other suspects from the past. are all the past suspects on the FBI's roster dead, or is it someone they looked at in the past that is still alive?

I'm betting the first night is going to be all hype building up to there suspect, possibly going through the known suspects, and the story about Cooper.

I should look for a countdown clock  C:-)

I added a counter to the first post on this thread...still have to set it correctly..learning curve  O0

Peterson is the only known suspect that is still alive isn't he?

For me, I really hope to see something tangible on the new suspect. If they say this guy planted the Tina Bar money, forget it. I want to see someone that knows something, not someone that suspects something. A link to the titanium on the tie would be great.

Bruce A. Smith:
Five years in the making, and they were still scrambling a few weeks ago? Hunh? Asking me if Russ Calame was still alive? Hmmm.

Bruce A. Smith:
So, who are the 36 guys on the research team? Archivists, retired detectives, investigative journalists, surveillance guys. Okay, but who are they? How could these guys operate in Cooper World for five years and no one ever hears of them - not even Bobby, apparently.


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