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Very cool.

Let's start the thread off right by inviting people to celebrate--or acknowledge--the 48th Anniversary of the DB Cooper skyjacking at CooperCon 2019. The official website is You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

CooperCon 2019 takes place on Saturday, November 23rd at Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, WA. It's an all day event from 10AM - 5PM.

There will be social events starting the evening of Friday, November 22nd. The last evening of activities is Sunday, November 24th.

CooperCon 2019 is "Everything DB Cooper!"

11 days from CooperCon 2019.

Hard to choose between EU's boat pilgrimage to the holy site and Bruce's generously hosted land tour of Cooper Territory.
I'm arriving Friday evening and departing Monday morning. I especially want to attend the evening brew chats. Last year members of the general public (not Vortex folks) attended these events and came forward with interesting questions and even possible Cooper evidence. None of the evidence panned out but who knows? Some evening it could happen, the clue that ties it all together. We Vortex dwellers like to think that it will be one of us who solves the case, but it's more likely that it will be a friend or relative of Cooper's who finds the probative link.

Too bad TK and his crew can't attend. Good sleuths and good folks. I'll miss them.


I hope Shutter lets Georger back on after a cooling down period. Georger can be grouchy, but he adds a lot of value. He raises the average IQ of any forum he joins. I actually wish he'd attend CooperCon.

Jerry Thomas was at times irascible on Dropzone. In-person, at the first Portland Symposium, he was a perfect gentleman. I'd love to publically debate the survivability of Cooper's jump with Jerry someday. I have a lot of respect for his qualifications and opinions but I think he is wrong that it was an almost certainly fatal jump.



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